I have been a Freelance Colourist for over three years now working on programmes mainly for the BBC, Channel 5 aznd Sky. Prior to this I was a Colourist at the BBC for thirty two years, working on a wide range of material for BBC programme departments and independent producers in both standard and high definition. I have experience of grading programmes shot on some of the modern digital file based cameras including the RED, BlackMagic Cinema Camera and Cannon EOS 5 / 7. I have considerable experience of grading with systems such as Avid Symphony Nitrus, Apple Colour, Da Vinci Resolve and Digital Visions Film Master.

Da-Vinci Resolve

Digita Vision Nucoda

Avid Symphony Nitrus

DFT Scanity

DFT Spirit

DFT Shadow



Cintel MK3 and Ursa


I also now work as a tutor at the National Film and Telivision School in Beaconsfield teaching grading to the students there.


Nominated for BAFTA and RTS arwards in 2008 for the grading of Criminal Justice.

Nominated for RTS award in 1999 for the grading of David Copperfield and Wives and Daughters.

Workflow Consultancy

Before leaving the BBC I developed a file based workflow for the restoration of 16mm A/B negative programmes for BBC Studios and Post Production using the DFT Scanity film scanner and Image Systems Fim Master

Grading Training

Over the years I have developed a grading training course for Avid Symphony and Adrenalin users. This course was developed for training editors to enable them to do simple grading tasks and to identify when to call in a Colourist. The course has been delivered to many editors in the BBC.

The course can also be expanded and modified for grading on Da-Vinci Resolve or Nucoda.